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26 x 2.8 WTB Ranger

26 x 2.8 WTB Ranger

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The 2.8" Ranger is one of the only two 26+ options (that I know of) at the moment, and thankfully it is an excellent choice, possibly the best to ever exist with its only competition being the defunct 3" Knard. It is fast rolling thanks to its tightly packed center knobs and has a ton of grip in the corners thanks to its over all round profile and larger (but not too large) side knobs. A good tire for single track, gravel, and chasing people down on paved surfaces. 

The + denotes that the tire is typically between 2.8" and 3.0". A sort of "Mid Fat".

Why 26+ on your Evasion or Scapegoat (or whatever bike you've got that'll fit it)? Despite what the out of touch marketing teams at large brands try to brainwash the masses with, 26" is in fact not dead. The major thing that we at Crust like it for, is it's smaller outer diameter which makes it a great plus tire option for people who ride smaller frames. It makes it feel less like you're riding a horse and helps you feel more in control. It also allows you to ride a larger volume tire while maintaining a comfortable amount of standover. Unlike its 27.5+ and 29+ siblings, a 26+ tire still has a fairly reasonable sized outer diameter. About the same as a 700x25c-ish, which is rumored to be fast. This keeps your bike SUPER nimble, unlike the big gawky characteristics you'll get out of the larger diameter wheel and tire combos. They are also lighter, less rubber= less weight (about 250g lighter than the 29+ Ranger). I hear lots of people cite rollover and carrying speed as the big positive to the larger diameters, and those are great positives, but I think what you lose in handling (especially if you are smaller) is a far bigger negative than comfortably maintaining an average speed of 15 mph instead of 16 mph.

Anyway, thats my speech for 26+. I think its the greatest tire size of all time for riding offroad in any capacity. TOGETHER WE CAN BRING 26+ BACK!

This tire will work with the following Crust models: Both Evasions and Scapegoat


Made in Taiwan

Black Sidewall Only

Tubeless Compatible

Size- 26x2.8"

Casings- Light or Tough 

Width at Edge of Shoulder Knobs (on 39mm rim)- 70mm

Weight- Light Casing- 770g | Tough Casing- 940g