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5DEV Trail/Enduro Cranks

5DEV Trail/Enduro Cranks

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The 5DEV Trail/ Enduro crank is the ideal crankset for that boost rear end bike you like to take out on the trails or on tour. They have all the material you need and none you don't. They are mega low profile down by the pedal boss to help reduce pedal strike, which will help you clean that boulder field you get hung up on. 5DEV uses 5 axis CNC machining to produce these beauties. What does that mean you ask? I'm not entirely sure, but I do know that 5 is more than 4, these cranks are fricken 7075 billet aluminum, and they look sick as hell!  

Uses the Sram 3 Bolt Chainring interface, so finding a ring is easy, or you can run one of the matching 5DEV Classic Chainrings.

This crankset will work with the following Crust models: Both Evasions, Wombat, Scapegoat


Made in USA

7075-T651 Billet Aluminum with Chromoly Crank Bolts

Colors- Black, Raw, Kashima, or Purple

Lengths- 165mm or 170mm

Spindle Size- 30mm (Same as White Industries, so it uses the same bottom brackets)

Bottom Bracket- 68-73mm Boost

Weight- ~525g