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Camp And Go Slow Rattler Bar Tape

Camp And Go Slow Rattler Bar Tape

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Rattler Bar Tape brought to you by our friends at Camp And Go Slow. This extra long bar tape is more than enough to wrap a 660mm Towel Rack. It's made using a long-lasting durable nylon blend, with a 1.5mm thick foam backing for those of you who have the wrists of an 80 year old like myself. The tape comes in a ripstop draw string bag. You could reuse this bag for carrying tools, snacks, a camera or camera accessories, whatever your heart desires. 

The tapes are available in two different colors: Easter Rattler (Green) or Western Rattler (Brown). The color choices were made with leather saddle colors in mind.

This tape does not come with bar end plugs or finishing tape. Throw some corks in your bars and twine the ends of the tape and you're good to go.


Sold per Bag, each bag contains two rolls

Tape Made in Taiwan

Bag made in Pennsylvania 

Colors- Western Rattler (Brown) or Easter Rattler (Green)

Tape Length- 3300mm per roll

Tape Width- ~2.75cm

Backing- 1.5mm of foam with adhesive for easy wrapping.

Weight (Per Roll)- 60g (2.1oz)