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Kyosho 2WD Ultima

Kyosho 2WD Ultima

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Do you keep hitting trees on your dirt bike and need something to do while your bones heal, well this buggy could be it.

1987 World Champion - TQ, 1st, 2nd & 3rd! 

The Kyosho ULTIMA Off Road Racer 1/10 2wd Buggy Kit turns back the clock with its return as the 8th model in the Kyosho Vintage Series! Kyosho has evolved this classic into a modern-day racing machine. First released in 1986, the 2WD ULTIMA channeled racing tech from the OPTIMA into an electric racing buggy that made an impact on the RC world. Consistent with the Vintage Series, the 2019 ULTIMA version has evolved in design and build to satisfy performance standards for modern R/C racing circuits and power sources. For example, the monocoque frame is made from aircraft grade A60601T6 aluminum alloy and multi-pin block pattern rear tires deliver optimal performance on modern off-road tracks. Full ball bearing specs minimize drive loss and combine with high-durability sintered alloy metal gears, slipper clutch and motor guard to protect the drive system while crash-resistant resin rear wing is also included. Revisit the nostalgia of the ULTIMA with this updated 2019 model.

  • ULTIMA has been faithfully recreated, with component upgrades for compatibility with modern power sources.
  • Polycarbonate body with driver cockpit recreates the style and atmosphere of the original ULTIMA.
  • Full ball bearing specifications (14)
  • Equipped with battery guard that prevents battery short circuit during a crash.
Length: 370mm
Width: 244mm
Height: 106mm
Wheelbase: 260-263mm
Tread (F/R): 206mm / 208mm
Tire(F/R): 75f x 20mm / 82f x 36mm
Gear Ratio: 8.64:1
Weight: Approx. 1,500g
Motor: 540 class size

  • Semi pre-assembled kit (gear box is pre-assembled)
  • Polycarbonate clear body
  • Decals
  • Chassis parts
  • Cross wrench
  • Shock wrench
  • Grease
Needed to Complete:
  • 2 Channel 1 servo R/C system for cars
  • 540 class motor
  • ESC compatible with motor used
  • Battery for chassis compatible with ESC used
  • Battery charger
  • Paint for polycarbonate body
  • Batteries for transmitter