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Tamiya XR311 4x4

Tamiya XR311 4x4

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Tamiya's First R/C Buggy
This is a re-release version of the 1/12 scale R/C XR311, Tamiya's first R/C model with a suspension system, which was originally released in 1977. While maintaining the basic layout of the original, this re-release version incorporates modern improvements. The injection-molded body captures the vehicle's purposeful look. Interior parts and a driver figure are included for even greater realism.

Refined Chassis Details
The 2WD duralumin chassis frame features a rear-mounted motor rear-wheel drive layout. The battery is positioned down the center of the chassis with the receiver and ESC on either side for exceptional balance. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension features upper and lower H-arms and adjustable metal torsion bar springs. Fully-enclosed gearbox may be assembled with one of three different gear ratios.

●1/12 Scale ●Length: 400mm, Width: 168mm, Height: 139mm ●Wheelbase: 256mm ●Weight: 1,800g ●Type 540 Motor ●Rear-Wheel Drive ●Tire Width/Diameter: (F/R) 29/77mm ●Tread (F/R): 138mm ●Duralumin Frame Chassis ●3-Bevel Differential ●2-piece Steering Tie-Rod ●4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension with Metal Torsion Bar Springs ●Gear Ratio=9.3:1, 16:1, 21:1

Needed to Complete:

  • 2-Channel radio
  • Steering servo
  • 7.2-volt battery pack & charger
  • Tamiya TS paint