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Ultradynamico CAVA JFF 700c x 38.??

Ultradynamico CAVA JFF 700c x 38.??

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 ***700c x 38.??***

This tyre is designed to be a large volume ROAD tire suitable for light, groomer dirt roads, but at this low a volume we don't really think of it as a gravel tire.  Can it be run as a gravel tire, sure, but choose your line with extra care and stick to the smooth stuff- the race weighs 340g... WOW thats light!!!

The sizing is sorta funny, it is badged a 700c x 39, but on most modern rims it's been measuring a little smaller upon initial mounting, more like a 37-38mm then after some use these stretch out to almost a 39mm width. On more traditional narrower rims they will measure smaller... more like 37mm.