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Crust Face-Off Stem

Crust Face-Off Stem

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The Crust Face-Off stem is a great option for those of you that have sized up in the frame department. You'll likely need a shorter stem like this one and won't need a whole ton in the realm of stack, so you'll be able to run this stem slammed which offers ups nice aesthetic. It's also a great option for a bike like the Wombat that has a bit of a shorter stack height. If you're running it on a bike to get the short reach tall stack fit then a matching 25mm spacer is also provided to get your bars a little higher up. 

The Smoked Clear and Translucent Café will eventually start showing a bit of spidering rust patina under the finish. Nothing to worry about, the spidering is only aesthetic. 


Made in Taiwan using Chromoly Tubing

Tig Welded Construction

Colors- Smoked Clear, Translucent Café, or EDC (ED Coat) Black

Reach- 50mm

Clamp Diameter- 31.8

Steerer Tube Clamp Diameter- 1 " Threadless

Stack-  55mm Bottom to Center of Clamp | 75mm Bottom to Top

Minimum Steerer Insertion- ~50mm 

Weight- 237g | Spacer- 28g