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Crust Nullabar

Crust Nullabar

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The Nullabar is a flared dirt drop handlebar, designed with riding in the drops in mind. The key component that makes the Nullabar  special is its extra long Eyre Highway-esque drop. Modeled after the original version of the Shaka Bar, the Nullabar  has had a full inch added to the end of each drop. This makes the in-the-drops position much more user friendly and cozy. The long drop is ideal if you spend a bunch of time riding in that drop position already. No more hanging your pinkies off the back of the bar, no more having to make a long reach only to find a not always so comfy place to put your hands. Think of it as somewhat of a deeper, upside-down, ripping cruiser bar while in the drops, and a flared dirt drop up top. Like the older Shaka and the Towel Rack, the Nullabar has a bit of up and back sweep making the flats extra comfy.


Made in Taiwan using Heat Treated Aluminum 

Colors- Black or Polished

Clamp Diameter- 26.0 | 31.8 

Widths at Ramps- 480mm | 500mm | 520mm

Widths at Ends- 480= 620mm | 500= 640mm | 520= 660mm

Upsweep- 8°

Backsweep- 9°

Flare- 27°

Reach- 90mm

Drop- 135mm

Outer Diameter- 23.5mm

Inner Diameter (At the Ends)- 20mm

Weights- 480mm= 421g  | 500mm= 428g | 520mm= 433g