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Crust Voile Staps

Crust Voile Staps

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The humble Voile strap has a plethora of uses. They pair extremely well with a Widefoot Cargo Mount, a King Cage Manything Cage, or to help stabilize that big ol' Nalgene on your bike. You could get creative, go beyond the bicycle, and use them in your day to day life as well. I feel like every cyclist would benefit from having 1 or 2 around.

38cm or 15": Each strap has a usable length range between 14cm and 32cm.

50cm 20": Each strap has a usable length range between 14cm-45cm"


UV-Resistant Polyurethane with Nylon Buckle

Length: 15" or 20"

Colors: Black, Gray, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow

Weight: ~22g