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Dark Realm Wald Basket Bags

Dark Realm Wald Basket Bags

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Wald 137 or 139?
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When it comes to Wald Basket Bags you have tons of options out there, but to me, the Realm Bags are the true O.G, clean looking, functional basket bag. From making a grocery run to a full on tour, these things will fit the bill and look good doing it. The padded base and sides perfectly take the shape of a basket, which gives you the maximum amount of volume possible while providing protection for your valuables inside the bag. Once you get to where you're going you just unclip the buckles on the side, unroll the top, grab the handles inside and off ya go. Its even got two loops to hook a shoulder strap on if you want to cary it around rolled up. With the roll-top fully unfurled the volume of these things is massive. I've had a 137 bag for the past 5 or 6 years and have never made a grocery run too big for it. You don't even need reusable bags, because it is the reusable bag! Long story short, these things are the bomb dot com.

Pulled from the Realm site:

"-Water resistant exterior fabrics, durable high-vis packcloth liner fabric.

-Both fabric layers are internally coated at the mill with water resistant backing, and DWR coated externally.

-High-density closed-cell foam is sewn into all areas that contact the basket, reducing noise and protecting delicate cargo.

-Adjustable buckles are meant to attach the bag to Wald baskets, but can potentially secure to any number of front racks.

-Roll top closure, independent of basket/rack attachment, lets you securely ride with the bag fully open when needed.

-Internal handles turn the bag into a full-volume tote for when the ride is over, but are sewn to lay flat and unobtrusive when not in use.

137 Measurements: 14" wide x 9" deep x 18" tall

139 Measurements: 17" wide x 12" deep x 22" tall"


Made in the USA

Uses a variety of recycled (some not) materials

Sizes- 137 Wald or 139 Wald

Colors- Black, Coyote, Hand Dyed Rainbow, Hand Dyed Gator Camo, Hand Dyed Pink n' Orange

Weight- 137=~560g  | 139=~780g