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Crust Harvey Mushman Riser Bar

Crust Harvey Mushman Riser Bar

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The Harvey Mushman bar is the ideal handlebar for the anonymous weekend rider looking to ditch those spacers under their stem or just get nice and upright. The Mushman bar has about 75mm (3") of rise, making it a good choice for a bike with a bit lower stack height like the Wombat. It comes in two sweeps, either 14° like our Loose Bar, or 24° for more of a chilled out feeling cockpit. I personally like the 24° even for riding single track and hitting a jump or two. This bar is real sick for going the distance when paired up with a set of bar ends. The center section is the perfect width to elegantly hang a Fab's Chest from. The grip areas are nice and long, so if a 800mm wide bar isn't your thing there is plenty of room to trim down and get 90's XC with it.


Made in Taiwan using Heat Treated Aluminum

Colors- Black or Polished

Clamp Diameters- 31.8

Width- 800mm

Rise- 75mm

Backsweep- 14° or 24°

Upsweep- 5°

Outer Diameter- 22.2mm

Inner Diameter (At the Ends)- 20mm

Grip Area Length- 220mm

Weight- 345g (12oz)