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Nitto X Crust Juan Martin Bar

Nitto X Crust Juan Martin Bar

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The Juan Martin bar (Pronounced MarTEEN) is a flat bar with a 45° backsweep. That means it can be laid back and mellow commuting around town or while you're going the distance on tour, but still get you into a position to get loose when the mood strikes. Both sizes have enough flat section in the front to hang your Large Fab's Chest off of, or you can grip it up and have a "forward" position. Nitto makes the Juan Martin bar for us, so you know you can expect their high standards of finish quality. The Juan Martin bar is a nice alternative to the Jungle Runner if you're looking for something that isn't so wide or "Mad Max". 

Each and every bar has been aerodynamically tested by Juan "The Flying Argentinian" Martin himself. Some how he managed not to scratch a single one during install.


Made in Japan using Heat Treated Aluminum

Colors- Black or Dull Bright

Clamp Diameters- 26.0 or 31.8

Widths- 26.0 Version- 720mm | 31.8 Version- 750mm

Backsweep- 45°

Outer Diameter- 22.2mm

Inner Diameter (At the Ends)- 18.5mm

Grip Area Length (End to Bend)- 26.0 Version- 165mm | 31.8 Version- 180mm

Weights- 26.0 Version- 380g | 31.8 Version- 390g