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Microshift 12 Speed Bar End Shifter

Microshift 12 Speed Bar End Shifter

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These Microshift 12 speed bar end shifters have been around for a while now and have really become a staple in the whole drop bar "ATB", Gravel Bike, Touring realm due to their simplicity and reliability. These can easily be switched from friction shifting any amount of gears, to indexing Sram Eagle 12 speed 1x drivetrains. When in friction mode they will shift 12 speed no problem, which makes them a great option even if you don't have Sram Eagle, but want to shift over a wide cassette. As an added bonus they are nice and sleek, achieving a 12 speed range, while keeping that classic Dura-Ace-esque silhouette. The little rubber grip on the end of the lever will keep the lever from sticking into your leg when/if you wreck.

Comes with a new shift cable (no housing)

Sold as a Single Rear Shifter


Made in Taiwan

Color- Black

End of Plug Diameter- 19mm

Weight- 77g