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NITTO Bar End Grip

NITTO Bar End Grip

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If you plan on doing some big rides or touring on a flat or riser bar, I'd say a bar end grip is a must have. These particular bar end grips come from NITTO, so you know build and finish quality are both at a premium. These, unlike most other bar ends, slide 30-40mm onto the handlebar and clamp on the end, providing a ton of clamping grip, which means these puppies aren't going to be slipping around. They're a nice palm and thumb hook size, and give you a couple extra hand positions on the otherwise fairly sparse flat bar.


Made in Japan 

Aluminum with a Stainless Steel Bolt

Bar Clamp Diameter- 22.2

Length (Grip Hook)- ~70mm

Width- 50mm

Weight (Per Set)- 188g