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Nitto M18 Rack

Nitto M18 Rack

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The Nitto M18 front rack is an excellent choice for carrying light loads or use as a bag support. It utilizes a "diving board" to attach to the fork crown and two chromoly struts to attach to your fork legs. If you do not have the necessary braze-ons to bolt the struts directly to your fork, no need to fret! The M18 comes with 4 P-Clamps making it compatible with most bikes. To top it all off, its beautifully hand brazed by the folks at Nitto.

Note that this rack is for LIGHT loads. This means that you SHOULD NOT zip tie a Wald Delivery Basket to it, throw 20lbs of crap in it, and go ride your local single track. 


Made in Japan using Chromoly Tubing

Fillet braze construction

Colors- Black or Silver

Platform Size- 190 x 108mm

Strut Length- 235mm

Weight Capacity- 5kg (~10lbs)

Weight- Rack w/ Uncut Struts: 298g | P-Clamp(1): 21g