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Nitto Rear Cable Hangers

Nitto Rear Cable Hangers

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Elegant rear cable hangers for your Canti Lightning Bolt, Romanceur, or whatever you’ve got that you want a rear cable hanger on your seat post binder bolt.

This hanger will work with the following Crust models when running Canti Brakes: Wombat, Florida Man, Canti Nor'Easter, Canti Romanceür, Both Lightning Bolts


All Made in Japan by Nitto using stainless steel.

AS-1: Nice, elegant, but strong, wire loop. Has a barrel adjuster. 

Length- 15mm (With barrel adjuster screwed all the way in)

Finish- Polished

Weight- 5g

AS-2: More of a hefty design

Length- 45mm

Finish- Dull Bright

Weight- 9g

AS-3: Same as the AS-2, but slightly shorter.


Finish- Dull Bright

Weight- 8g

AS-5: Nice, elegant, but strong, wire loop. 

Length- 40mm

Finish- Polished

Weight- 6g