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Nitto S65 Seatpost

Nitto S65 Seatpost

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The Nitto S65 is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your build. There's also a good chance your bike will be losing some weight when you throw one of these on as they weigh a mere 250g (thats a gram per millimeter). The rocker style top of the post that the guts sit on allow you to dial in your seat exactly where you want it.

This seatpost will work with the following Crust models: Wombat, Both Evasions, Both Bomboras, Florida Man, Both Nor'Easters, Both Romanceürs, Both Lightning Bolts, Malocchio


Made in Japan out of Aluminum Alloy

Colors- Silver or Black

Diameter- 27.2 Only

Single Bolt Design

Offset- ~25mm

Rail Clamp Width (Center-Center)- 44mm

Length- 250mm | 300mm

Length Above Minimum Insertion Line- 250mm= 142mm | 300mm= 186mm

Weight- 250mm= 250g | 300mm= 280g