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Nitto UI-2 Stem 26.0

Nitto UI-2 Stem 26.0

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The Nitto UI-2 is a sleek, threadless, steel stem with a 26.0 bar clamp. Each one comes with a shim so you can shim it down from 1 1/8" to fit a 1" steerer tube. This is a nice option if you're looking to ride something like a Towel Rack bar on your Bombora, but don't want to use a handlebar clamp shim. The stem can be ridden with a drop or rise of 17 degrees. If you're worried about the letters being upside down when riding it as a riser, you can peel the lettering off.

This seatpost will work with the following Crust models: Wombat, Both Evasions, Both Bomboras, Florida Man, Single Speed Lightning Bolt (with shim)

Its made by Nitto and has the high quality finish to show for it.

Matches up with 1 1/8" Dull Bright Nitto Steel Spacers


Made in Japan

Tig Welded Chromoly Steel

Color- Dull Bright

Lengths- 60mm, 70mm, 80mm

Stack- 40mm

Rise/ Drop- 17°

Handlebar Clamp Diameter- 26.0

Steerer Clamp Diameter- 1 1/8" or 1" with provided shim

Weight- 177g