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Nitto X Crust Bonneville Bar

Nitto X Crust Bonneville Bar

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A wider version of a classic handlebar shape. The ramps are longer like a more traditional bar of the past and provide a nice feel with those non-aero Suntour levers you plan on running three foot tall loops of housing out of. That being said, you can run whatever levers float your boat on these. The longer ramp provides a bit more real estate for your hands as well which is nice when you're spending a long day holding onto them.

These are a bit wider and have a slightly longer reach, so it may be a good plan to run a little bit shorter stem than you typically would, maybe just 10 or 20mm off.

No, we don't plan on making a 26.0 Black version. 

Made for us by Nitto


Made in Japan using Heat Treated Aluminum 

Colors- Black or Dull Bright

Clamp Diameter- 26.0 | 31.8 

Widths at Ends- 520mm 

Widths at Ramps- 460mm

Flare- 15°

Reach- 120mm

Drop- 130mm

Outer Diameter- 23.5mm

Inner Diameter (At the Ends)- 20mm

Weights- 426g