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Nitto X Crust Pull Up Bar

Nitto X Crust Pull Up Bar

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The Pull Up bar is a simple and sweet riser bar with about 1.5" of rise. It would make a good bar for a track or mountain bike or throw some bar ends on it and use it out on tour. It's a good option if you were looking at the Loose Bar, but its a little too sweepy or doesn't have enough rise. The Pull Up bar is made by Nitto, so you know its durability and finish is as good as it gets.


Made in Japan using Heat Treated Aluminum

Colors- Black or Dull Bright

Clamp Diameters- 31.8

Width- 750mm

Rise- 35mm

Backsweep- 8°

Upsweep- 2°

Outer Diameter- 22.2mm

Inner Diameter (At the Ends)- 17.5mm

Grip Area Length-250mm

Weight- 390g