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The Nor'Easter is the outcome of blending a Romanceür-esque tube set with the clearances of the Evasion. Like the Romanceür it is perfectly suited for going out for a couple of day jaunt with everything you will need for a whimsical time, but with the cushy tire clearances of an Evasion.

Headset not included.

Build Notes:

The Disc Nor'E is meant to be 1x specific. It could potentially be set up with a double, but its on you to figure it out. The Canti Nor'E can be set up 1x or with a square taper double.

The Nor'Easter has a 68mm bottom bracket shell with a wide chain stay. Recommended 1x cranks would be a White Industries G30, a Sram Dub-Wide Rival or Force Crank, a square taper crank (bb lengths vary from crank to crank I'd start around 113-117), or you can run a mountain spindle crank (WI M30/A30, Sram NX/GX etc.) with spacers between the bb shell and the bb.

Max Chainring Size- 40t

The Disc version's rear brake routes down the bottom of the downtube using brass bolt on cable guides, while the Canti version has two cable stops on the bottom side of the top tube.

Front and rear thru axles are included with the Disc model.

The Disc version is I.S. mount. Uses a 160mm rotor front and rear. If you want to run a Palm Oil Brake kit, we have them for the Nor'Easter, but they unfortunately will not work with the 52cm, as the adjustment screw comes in contact with the seat stay.

Disc Nor'Easter Wheel and Max Tire Sizes: 

52cm- 26x2.8" (Can also run 27.5x2.8")

55cm- 27.5x2.8" (Can also run 26x2.8" or 29x2.2")

58cm- 27.5x2.8" (Can also run 26x2.8" or 29x2.2")

62cm*- 29x2.6" (Can also run 27.5x2.6")

*Note: We are trying out dimple-less chainstays with the 62cm Disc Nor'E. The goal being to add a little more strength and reduce the flex on these larger frames. The only take-away is a slightly reduced 27.5" tire clearance. No biggie.*

Canti Nor'Easter Wheel and Max Tire Sizes:

52cm- 27.5x2.8"

55cm- 27.5x2.8"

58cm- 27.5x2.8"

62cm- 29x2.6"

If you're looking for a wide rim for the Canti Nor'Easter check out the Velocity Cliffhanger.

Want to run a Zefal Pump on your pump peg behind the seat tube? Here's what size to get for each frame size:

50cm- HPX 1

52cm- HPX 1 or 2

55cm- HPX 2 

58cm- HPX 2 or 3 (2 is more ideal)

62cm- HPX 3



Handmade in Taiwan 

Brazed Lug & TIG Weld Construction

Color- Disc: Turquoise | Canti: Pastel Orange

Sizes- Small 52cm | Medium 55cm | Large 58cm | Extra Large 62cm (All sizes have a level top tube)

Head Tube Diameter- 1" (Threaded Steerer) 26.4 crown race

Bottom Bracket- 68mm English (BSA) Threaded

Steerer Tube Length- Size Specific. Each size leaves some room for spacers.

Fork Spacing- Disc: 12x100mm | Canti: 9x100mm

Rear End Spacing- Disc: 12x142mm | Canti: 9x135mm

Disc Front Axle Thread Pitch & Length- 1.5x120mm

Disc Rear Axle Thread Pitch & Length- 1.5x164mm

Seat Post Diameter- 27.2mm

Front Derailleur Clamp Diameter- 28.6mm

Weight- Disc Frame (55cm): 2.19kg (4lb 14oz) Fork: 1.22kg (2lb 11oz) | Canti Frame (62cm): 2.31kg (5lb 2oz) Fork: 1.12kg (2lb 6oz)