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Palm Oil Brake Kit

Palm Oil Brake Kit

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The bicycle world is one full of many different standards. One minute you think you've got it figured out, and the next a bike comes out that is I.S mount front and flat mount rear. What is a creature to do?

The Palm Oil Brake Kit should make building that new bike just a little bit easier. All you do is select your frameset model and we send you all of the necessary components and hardware to get a set of Palm Oil calipers and 160mm rotors onto your build.

The Palm Oil brake caliper is short pull and uses the same hydrogenated palm oil (actually mineral oil) that's in your favorite sugar loaded pre-packaged gas station pastry. It has a closed hydraulic system inside of it that is mechanically actuated using a regular ol' brake cable. It offers simple adjustment and excellent braking.

*The Palm Oil Brake caliper will not work on the rear of a 52cm Nor'Easter, as the adjustment screw comes in contact with the seat stay*

The Bombora, Evasion Lite, and ENVE Bombora kit fits Bomboras sold in July/August of 2021 and onward. If you have a Bombora older than that choose the I.S. Fork Bombora option.

The kit includes:

2x Palm Oil Brake Calipers (Short Pull)

2x 160mm Rotors

All of the necessary adaptors and hardware to get them on your bike


Weights: Calipers- I.S. Mount- 141g | Flat Mount- 145g ||| Rotors- 123g ||| Adaptors: I.S. Front- 15g | I.S. Rear- 18g | Flat Mount Fork w/ 2 Bolts- 18g