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Shovel Research Rod Steward

Shovel Research Rod Steward

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The Fab's Chest is, in fact, the best, but some times it needs a little support out there. Shovel Research's Rod Steward is the number one precision cnc'd bag support for the Ron's Bikes Fab's Chest. It comes in two sizes, Small and Large. The Small size designates it having an 11" crossbar for the Small Fab's Chest, while the Large has a 14" crossbar for, you guessed it, the Large Fab's Chest. It comes with all necessary hardware to mount it to your bag and bike.

The Rod Steward's width is non-adjustable. It is optimized to be installed into mid-blade mounts on wide clearance rigid forks. It could possibly be installed on mid-seatstay eyelets for saddle bag applications. It is too wide for narrower road style forks, and cannot be installed into the top rack eyelets on seat stays and forks. 

For more install info or any additional info about using it with other bags head over to -> Shovel Research <-

The Rod Steward will work with the following Crust frames: Evasion, Bombora, Florida Man, Nor'Easter Disc & Canti, All Lighting Bolts, Romanceür Disc & Canti


"1)This product cannot be used without a bag. Never ride your bike with the Rod Steward attached and no bag.
2)This product is not a rack replacement! It’s designed to triangulate the hanging weight of the bag against your fork or frame in order to reduce movement over rough terrain, not to lift its full weight. If you bag does not have enough room to hang from the bars or saddle loops, then this accessory is not designed to work with it. In such a situation you should support the bag with a traditional rack."


Made in Portlan, Oregon, USA

6061-T6 aluminum (3/8” rod)

Colors- Black or Silver

Crossbar Widths- 11" or 14"

Strut Length- 11.5" Uncut

Weight- ~220g including all hardware