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Single Speed Lightning Bolt

Single Speed Lightning Bolt

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The Single Speed Lightning Bolt shares the same geometry with the other Bolts, but opposed to having vertical or thru axle dropouts it has rear facing horizontal dropouts. It also has 120mm rear spacing to accommodate your typical fixed/ flip flop hub. It is still designed around a 650b wheel like the other two, but can be set up 700c with a 35c max tire size. You can only set it up with brakes running 650b.

The Single Speed Bolt now features removable Canti/V-Brake Mounts and cable guides! The posts are welded in the "650b Position". So if you want to run 700c you'll have to figure out a different braking scenario.

It makes for a super fun Randonneur style bike, commuter, or all-around-do-whatever bike.

Build Notes:

If you aren't too keen on the fixed/ freewheel single speed life, you could also set this bike up with an internally geared hub. Orrr if you want to keep it real simple and still have a brake you could just throw a coaster brake on the back. The possibilities are numerous.

Designed around a 650b Wheel with 48 being the max tire size. You can run 700c wheels with 35 being your max tire size.

You have to bump down to a 650x42b if you want to run a set of fenders.

It is belt drive compatible and has a two bolt coupler in the drive side seat stay to sneak a belt through.

This frame is has a 1" THREADLESS head tube/ steerer tube.

Recommended square taper BB length w/ SS crank is ~107mm



Handmade in Taiwan using Heat Treated Chromoly

Tig Welded

Color- Lilac

Sizes- Small 52cm | Medium 56cm | Large 59cm | Extra Large 61cm

Head Tube Diameter- 1" (Threadless Steerer)

Bottom Bracket- 68mm English (BSA) Threaded

Steerer Tube Length- 400mm

Fork Spacing- 9x100mm w/ QR Dropouts

Rear End Spacing- 120mm w/ Rear Facing Horizontal Dropouts

Seat Post Diameter- 27.2mm

Weight- Frame (Medium)- 2.05kg or 4lbs 9oz | Fork (Uncut Steerer)- 1.03kg or 2lbs 4oz

 Some Ideas of how to use your Single Speed Lightning Bolt.