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Crust SST Stem

Crust SST Stem

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The SST (Super Short n' Tall) Stem is a good option for those of you with a bike that doesn't have much stack, but want your bars a bit higher without having to add reach. There's also the scenario where you have a ton of stack already, but you want your bars even higher, it works in that situation as well. OOORRRR you've sized up and want to get the bars nice and close. It's 30mm aka Super Short, about as short as you could go without straight up brazing the clamp onto the end of a tube and cutting a clamp slit on the other end of that tube. It's also Tall, offering up 80mm of rise. We include a 25mm spacer with the SST for max stack potential. The max insertion is 60mm, because of this you will need a longer bolt for your compression cap, so we include a 60mm bolt for ya.

The Rainbow Flake Clear will eventually start showing a bit of spidering rust patina under the finish. Nothing to worry about, the spidering is only aesthetic. 

NOTE: We do not recommend using this stem with a carbon steerer.


Made in Taiwan using Chromoly Tubing

Tig Welded Construction

Colors- Rainbow Flake Clear or EDC (ED Coat) Black

Reach- 30mm

Clamp Diameter- 31.8

Steerer Tube Clamp Diameter- 1 " Threadless

Stack-  80mm Bottom to Center of Clamp | 100mm Bottom to Top

Minimum Steerer Insertion- ~50mm 

Max Steerer Insertion- 60mm

Weight- 256g | Spacer- 28g