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The Restuvus by hobopieces.......

The Restuvus by hobopieces.......

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The Restuvus by hobopieces is the solution for the Rest of Us who want to ride a Kashimax BMX saddle on our touring bike, but still run a large saddle bag. Imagine this: you've got this sweet Belmar Bike Shop branded saddle on your Crust Shred Eagle, and you want to put your Realm TBD bag on the back of it and ride out to the hills. Alas, you've got no loops for a bag on that saddle, and there is no way you're going to sacrifice running that saddle just to run a bag! This is where The Restuvus comes into play. Simply clamp the beautifully CNC'd saddle loops onto the back of your seat rail, attach your bag, and off ya go!

Each Restuvus now comes with a nice re-useable bag you could use to carry around a camera lens, some tools, whatever you want. Each bag is stamped to match the color of Restuvus inside, CUTE!

Do not use The Restuvus with carbon rails.


Made in Wisconsin , USA

CNC'd Aluminum with Stainless Steel Bolts

Colors- Black, Silver, Orange, Gold, Green, Purple, Blue

Weight Capacity- 20lbs

Width- 140mm

Weight- 118g