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Crust Towel Rack Bar

Crust Towel Rack Bar

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The original, and still the best, Extra Wide Drop bar The Towel Rack offers plenty of room to spread your wings. That big ol' Fabio's Chest or giant basket you've got will tuck right into it and fit like a glove. (Pictured is a 660mm Bar with a Large Chest) It has 12 degrees of back sweep and 10 degrees up sweep to get you out of the drops and into a nice comfy position after you're done dusting everyone in the peloton. (By dusting I mean making them wreck trying to avoid your handle bar that is 30cm wider than theirs.)

For those of you who have either ridden or witnessed a Towel Rack in the past: this is the newest version with a shorter reach and shallower drops making it feel maybe not quite as large as before. (Don't worry they're still wide)

To keep you from being too sprawled out, it is best paired with a shorter stem. 


Made in Taiwan using Heat Treated 7075 Series Aluminum

Colors- Black or Polished

Clamp Diameter- 26.0

Widths (At the Ends)- 600mm | 630mm| 660mm

Widths (At the Ramps)- 600mm= 515mm | 630mm= 535mm | 660mm= 555mm

Flare- 25°

Reach- 100mm

Drop- 105mm

Backsweep- 12°

Upsweep- 10°

Outer Diameter- 23.8

Inner Diameter (At the Ends)- 19.9

Weights- 600mm= 394g | 630mm= 402g | 660mm= 414g