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The TRP RRL SR lever combines classic aesthetic with a modern feel and function. For some of you this lever may be love at first sight, for others you may be a bit taken aback. If you fall in the latter category, I understand, but this may just be the most comfortable brake lever you'll ever place your grimey mitts on. It's ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold onto during the longer days in the saddle and the small finger indents underneath the hood make it nice to grab onto when you're climbing or pedaling hard. It also features an easy quick release button on the side that slacks the cable. Ideal if your brake goes out of adjustment, your wheel falls out of true, you bend a rotor, or things get muddy. This lever is great if you're running bar end, down tube, or any other alternative means of shifting to a shifter/ lever combo.

Comes with plastic inserts that allow you to set up the lever pushed forward some for a more modern ramp shape. Run them without for a more classic "pocket" where the hood meets the bar.

Sold as a pair (Left and Right)


Made in Taiwan 

Colors- Black Hoods Only | Black or Silver Levers

Hood Length (Back to Front)- 100mm

Lever Length- 145mm

Clamp- 23.8-24.2mm

Short Pull (Road, Canti, Center Pull, Side Pull)

Weight (per Pair)- 285g (10oz)