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White Industries MR30 1x Chainrings

White Industries MR30 1x Chainrings

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These are the narrow wide 1x chainrings that go with the White Industries MR30 cranks. (This includes the M30 AND the R30) Their center lock ring design makes swapping between sizes or even 1x to 2x a breeze. Their short tooth, tall tooth design combined with the narrow wide teeth will keep your chain in place through the washiest of the washboard roads. These rings are compatible with all chain sizes including 11 & 12 speeds.

Works with both M30 and R30 Cranks.

Available in 0mm offset (Boost) or 3mm offset (Non-Boost)

Here is a quick list of which chainring offset you should buy based on your frame:

3mm (Non Boost)- Romanceur, All Lightning Bolts, Dreamer, Bombora, Evasion Lite, Nor' Easter, Wombat, Florida Man, Malocchio

0mm (Boost)-  Evasion, Scapegoat


Made in USA using 7075 Aluminum

Colors: Black or Polished

Tooth Counts: 28-42t

Offsets: 0mm, 3mm

Weight: 55g-146g