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White Industries Square Taper Bottom Bracket

White Industries Square Taper Bottom Bracket

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Here are some very nice White Industries Square Taper Bottom Brackets for all of you  bicycle connoisseurs out there that will take no less than the finest in bottom bracket technology. Most of what we have comes with a Stainless Spindle, but we try to keep a small batch of the Ti spindle version around for the more weight conscious. Seriously though, these are really killer bottom brackets.

If you are using this on a Crust and need help determining which shell width to get the widths are listed on each models page on the site. Basically if you have an Evasion Lite, Evasion, Scapegoat, or Wombat you'll want 73mm, otherwise you'll need 68mm.

Does not come with crank bolts.

Does not work with Campagnolo cranks.


Made in USA

Aluminum Cups | Ti or Stainless Steel Spindles

Colors- Black cups, Polished Lock Ring

Spindle Compatibility- J.I.S. Square Taper 

Bottom Bracket Shell Compatibility (Shell Width)- 68mm or 73mm BSA Threads

Weight- 68x113 Stainless= 211g | 68x113 Titanium= 143g | 73x113 Stainless= 214g