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King Droplet 4 Headset

King Droplet 4 Headset

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Top of the line King Dropset 4 for the Evasion Lite. and Celos Bombora

This is THE headset to run in the Lite or Celos. Whether it's the first headset you're putting in your Lite, or you're upgrading with it, it will be the last headset you'll ever need.

This headset WILL NOT work with any Crust besides the Evasion Lite and Celos Bombora!


Made in USA

Aluminum Top Cap and Compression Cap with Stainless Bearings

Colors- Silver, Matte Slate, Matte Black, Black, Navy, Matte Turquoise, Matte Mango, Gold

Headtube Compatibility: Intergrated ONLY 42/42 45°

Steerer Diameter: 1 1/8" 

Stack Height- 12mm Top, 0mm Bottom

Weight: 87g